As usual, Manaret El-Bayan School participates in the administration Championship for Primary and Preparatory stages for Multiplayer games for girls. As aimed, the championship promotes the sportsmanship and good supervision and reinforces the friendship and sportive competition among students. To choose the best teams to represent the administration at the Governorate level. This compionship was among" Manaret El Bayan - Menese- El Safwa - Back Line-Golf-El Resala – Menphes- Modern Avenu- Bardy " in the following Games:" Vollyball- Basketball and Hand Ball" and the following teams are qualified: Manaert El-Bayan and menese Volleyball team, Gulf school and Bardy School Basketball team and Menese and El Resala Handball team. This compionship was held on Tuesday 28/2/2017 at 10 at Manaret El Bayan school playground under the supervision of M/Zozo and M/Hewayda Sports inspectors. The PE teacher at Manaret El Bayan School preparing stadiums for the championship under the supervision of agent activity in school Mr / Ramadan Zaki.