The Activities Goals

  1. Developing the student besides his/her academic studies; by teaching him how to occupy his/her spare time outside the school.
  2. Developing the student physically, Psychologically, socially and Congenitally
  3. Discovering and developing the skills and talents of students, and encouraging the specials.
  4. Training the students on being responsible.
  5. Developing the friendship and good relationships between students.
  6. Developing the interaction between students and the school management.
  7. Developing The spirit of competition among students
  8. Raising the students’ scientific level and Opening horizons of general knowledge. 
  9. Developing teamwork spirit.
Manaret ALBAYAN Activities 2014-2015             
  1. Athletic Activities
    • Individual competitions (ping pong  – Road race)
    • Team competitions (football – basketball – volleyball)


  2. Cultural Activities
    • Press club  – Oratory – poetry – Religious competitions – General knowledge competitions – library club – broadcast-  theatrical curriculum. 


  3. Artistic Activities
    • Drawing - Fine Arts – music – acting - Artistic craftsmanship – cooking and handcrafts activities


  4. Scientific Activities
    • Science club – computer.